Sadly juot.net is now a hate site. The owner BirdOPrey5 posts copies of stolen photographs to denigrate people. In violation of his own rules.

He has been informed many times of this, yet refuses to do the right thing.

He allows self confessed hackers and scammers to impersonate others by using their stolen photograph as their own and to post copies of other people's posts as their own.

Again in violation of his own terms of service.

He is a staff member on VBulletin and has abused that position to take confidential information and post it in public on his website.

Please be careful about giving him any of your personal information, as he is likely to post it in public to defame you as he has to others.

Alan James.

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People can find out all about Bigal and his cronies at


You can visit his blog at



I am happy to announce that "Alan James" (from the original complaint) and I (Joe / BirdOPrey5) have resolved the issue and mutually have agreed to rescind to the best of our abilities this old reviews. As I can remove any comments I will simply say that Big Al is not a troll but simply someone who values his privacy for good reason.

I have no complaints against him or his sites.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #791535

After discussions with the owner of Juot.net. The copies of my stolen

photo and the defamatory comments have been removed.

The owner is doing

the right thing so I would like to recind my complaint and thank him for

doing the right thing. I have no further complaints against him or


Thank you. Alan James.


"Alan James" above from Brisbane, Queensland is a user known as Big Al who was banned from JUOT and many other sites. Once banned he flips out and makes up lies about the site and site administrator. He is an anonymous internet troll good at making noise and nothing else.

to HandOfGod Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #776494

So we have another anonymous scammer posting ***.

It seems that juot.net is getting upset about being exposed for posting stolen copies of me without my permission and posting many defamatory untrue comments. Even their own mods are now complaining about how the scammers are allowed to impersonate me and post untrue comments.


This is posted by a crazy old man who claims to be admin of several sites, including one by the name of antifraudintl dot org. He claims to be "De Master Yoda".

His antics are described in detail at his page at the Encyclopedia Dramatica.

This is his usual method of operation. He joins various forums, gets banned for being an ***, and then goes crying about it all over the net.

to Soylent Green Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #776493

So we now have Chandra Sekhar sathyadas posting as Soylent green. He is the one who is impersonating me and posting copies of my altered posts as his own.

He is a self confessed hacker and scammer who is pissed off because I have closed down many of his scam websites and so he has lost a lot of money. This is why he has been stalking me for over seven years.

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